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Bury and District German Shepherd Dog Club
Bury and District German Shepherd Dog Club

How to keep your dog entertained when working from home

The Corona Virus lockdown is a very difficult and challenging time for both you and your dog.

Your dog may love having you home 24/7. What could be more fun than endless games of fetch and belly rubs! But how do you keep them entertained whilst you are working from home.

Chew Toys

Dogs love to chew! There are many chew toys on the market or you could make your own.  Cut an old piece of clothing into strips, plait them together and knot the ends tightly. Or place an empty water bottle inside a sock and let them happily crunch.

Treat Toys

Treat toys are brilliant for keeping them busy for hours! If you donít have a Kong, you can cut a hole in a tennis ball or make a few holes in a plastic bottle and pop some treats in.  

Brain Training Games

There are many on the market, but you can make your own.  Lay a towel or blanket flat, sprinkle with treats and roll up.  If you have a muffin tin, put treats in each cavity and place tennis balls or toys on top. If you're worried about your dog having too many treats, use the kibble from their food allowance.


Use your regular breaks to do five minutes of training.  Maybe work on your recall in the garden, practice some duration with a down stay or start teaching them a trick.

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