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Bury and District German Shepherd Dog Club
Bury and District German Shepherd Dog Club

Dog Obedience Training - for ALL Breeds


Bury Dog Club holds its weekly obedience training sessions for all breeds at Philips Park, Park Lane, off Higher Lane, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7GH every Sunday morning. The club meets in the car park (near the old night club) and dog training starts at 9:30am. 

Training is 5 per dog per training session, but there is no charge for weeks that you do not attend. There is a membership fee of 15 per year to cover insurance.

Training takes place every Sunday throughout the year with the exception of all Bank Holidays.

Tea and coffee is served after class.

Members meet in the park to walk their dogs before training.  This gives both dogs and owners a chance to socialise.  It also allows the dogs to run off some excess energy so they concentrate better during training.

Dogs, like people, are individuals with their own personalities. It takes time, patience and effort to train and understand your dog. The rewards are seen in the amount of work you put in to training.

What we do in Dog Obedience Training

Classes are held for puppies, beginners, intermediate and advanced and incorporate positive dog training methods to a recognised Kennel Club standard.

Training sessions are fun, relaxed and supportive for both dog and owner. 

Questions in class are encouraged as these will help you and your dog.   

Our trainers are more than happy to answer questions on a one to one basis after class, when everyone gets together for refreshments. 

This is also a good time to get support from other members, many of whom have been attending many years, and may well have encountered the same issues.  They are more than happy to offer you some help, support and advice.

We recommend training is continued at home between sessions. It is amazing the difference you will see if you do just 10 minutes training a day. It does not have to be hard work and can be done whilst at home or walking your dog.  Dogs love to learn and training is both fun and rewarding. Weekly training is not a quick fix! Like a dog it is a lifelong commitment.

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