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Bury and District German Shepherd Dog Club
Bury and District German Shepherd Dog Club

Who we are

The Bury Dog Club Committee and Trainers

Steve Bailey - Chairman


Steve is one of the original members of the Bury & District German Shepherd Club.  He joined the Club over 35 years ago.  Having owned German Shepherds all his life, he wanted to work more with the breed and get to know them inside out. After training for a few years under the instruction of Police Dog handlers, he became one of the instructors himself, and then became Chairman of the Club in the late 90s. About 15 years ago, Steve and the other committee members opened the Club up to all breeds, having realised there was a great need for outdoor training in the area for all dog handlers.  Steve, with his team of dedicated instructors and great committee members who work hard to promote the club, all look forward to helping new members with their dogs for many years to come.

Karen Jones - Secretary


Karen joined the Club approximately 30 years ago with her first German Shepherd dog.  She was so inspired with how her dog became a well balanced, sociable dog with the right training, that she decided to become a trainer and a committee member, which she has been doing for 25 years. Karen has taken a Pet Dogs Trainers Instructors course (PDTI) and is an accredited Kennel Club Good Citizens bronze assessor and for a short while she also trained Guide Dogs.

Lindsey Leighton - Treasurer


Lindsey joined the club in 2008 when she came to train her puppy, Harley, a Cocker Spaniel.  Harley has achieved his Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards with the Club. She joined the committee in 2013 and is now the Clubs Treasurer. In 2017 Lindsey got another Cocker Spaniel, Raffles, who has also gained his Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club GCDS awards.  Lindsey has completed the IMDT Dog Trainer course.

Alicya Kinsey


Alicya joined the Club in July 2001 after acquiring a 5 year old rescued Labrador called Buster, who needed a lot of basic training and socialisation with other dogs. He made remarkable progress and received "Best Improved Newcomer Award" at the end of that year. He finally achieved the Silver Good Citizen Award before retiring due to arthritis.  Alicya continued to attend the weekly training sessions and assisted in training other dogs.  In 2008 Alicya acquired another rescued Labrador, aged 14 months called Sammy. He needed basic training and positive guidance but very quickly progressed through the training levels right up to the Gold Citizen Award.  Alicya joined the Club committee, then assisted with training classes and is now a permanent trainer. Alicya has completed the IMDT Dog Trainer course.

Ged Matthews


Ged has had German Shepherds for over 30 years.  He came to the Club with his second dog Buster, who was a bit of a handful.  With support from the Club, Buster became a different dog.  Geds third German Shepherd Jordi achieved 2nd place in the Clubs 'Most Improved Dog'. He sadly lost Jordi in 2013 and later returned with his new pup, Loki.  Ged joined the committee a couple of years ago and is our 'Mr Fixit', always there to help set out the training equipment and carry out repairs. 

David Leighton


David joined the club in 2008.  Having never owned a dog before, he got involved with his Cocker Spaniel, Harley.  He learnt so much about dogs and their training from the friendly trainers and members of the Club, so much so that he was persuaded to get a second Cocker Spaniel Raffles in 2017.  He joined the committee in 2013.  David is the chief tea and coffee maker at the after training refreshments.

Corinne Thompson


Corinne joined the Club in 2012 with her young Patterdale Terrier puppy, Meg, a breed which people told her were difficult to train. Meg loved the puppy classes and meeting new people, but unfortunately she didn't have her long.  Like most folk, she said she was never getting another dog, however, 4 months later she got another Patterdale Terrier, Sam, who was just as stubborn.  With regular training it helped Corinne understand Sam, who went on to achieve his Kennel Club Gold Award.  In 2018, Corinne expressed her interest in training and gained experience assisting with classes.  She now takes classes on her own and is looking to further enhance her experience by attending IMDT dog training courses in the future.

Jo Royle Evatt


Jo joined the club in 2016 to train her German Shepherd Doris.  Doris has since passed her Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizens Awards.  Jo joined the committee in 2019.  Jo together with Mark has had GSD's for over 30 years.  Doris is their 6th. They also had a spotty dog called Lady.

Mark Royle Evatt


Mark joined the club in 2016 along with Jo to train their German Shepherd Doris.  Mark & Jo have had German Shepherds for over 30 years.  Mark is pictured here with their previous dogs, Bo, a black and Arrow, a Black and Tan. Mark joined the committee in 2019.

Faye Elliott


Faye is quite new to the Club but with her bubbly personality soon became part of the team.  She first attended the Club with her rescue pup Murphy.  Having always had quite big dogs growing up, she thought having a dog would be easy.  However, after losing a few skirting boards she soon realised she needed some help with her playful pup. The great mix of friendly, knowledgeable and non-judgemental people helped both her and Murphy change their behaviours for the better, to the extent that she felt able to take on another puppy, Maddie.  Faye now helps out training the silver class. 

Rachel Farrar


Rachel has recently joined the Club and has loved meeting so many like-minded people and lovely dogs.  She runs a dog walking company so is around dogs all day, every day, but is relatively new to the world of dog training.  She has loved training her own Cocker Spaniel, Bella, and hopes to learn more about dog training and pass on some of her own tips and tricks.  Rachel has completed the IMDT training course.

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